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Vastu & Feng Shui


Our design brief generally entails guiding clients in creating pure energetic structures,  with clean lines and soft edges enabling chi to flow smoothly through spaces.

The use of natural light, mirrors, color, fauna and flora help to generate chi/prana (universal life force)

Vastu Architecture is the science of designing and constructing buildings that are vibrant with cosmic energy.
A building can be a coherence generator, tuning the occupants to the laws of the universe thereby increasing health, wealth and spiritual well being.

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Vastu science was divined by the great artist/scientist Maharishi Mayan about 15 000 years ago and established in the Southern part of India.
In the Mahabharata (an ancient 200 000 verse sanscrit epic) Sage Vedavyasa refers to Mayan as Vishwakarma, or the architect of the cosmos.
This clan of master craftsmen including Architects, Musicians and Sculptors ( founded by Mayan) are called Vishwakarmans.
The Vishwakarmans (of South India) have been the safekeepers of this knowledge for millenia.

Dr. V Ganapati Sthapati, one of the last known Vishwakarmans, says of Vastu science:
'In Vastu architecture the buildings are visible musical forms based on the grammar of rythym, scale and mathematical order of the universe.'
We have all had the experience of how music can inspire or sooth the soul. Buildings are frozen, visible music in harmony with universal laws.


The Vastu Purusha Mandala
In Vastu science, the Orthogonal Vastu Purusha Mandala describes the pattern of energy manifesting into substance at the most subtle level.
The Mandala expresses an order that is self-maintaining, and this Orthogonal pattern is the geometry at the core of all manifestations.

Vastu is neither religous nor is it cultural, and these structures are said to have vibrant connections with a universal energy matrix.
These structures resonate with the most sublime and powerful laws of nature which are generated by Time, space and light formulas that are the basis of the structure.
A building can be an expression of pleasant and powerful vibrations which should be designed for 'harmonic resonance' with the basic underlying energy structure of the universe.