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Staging your home for success

When selling a property, first impressions count.
Staging a home means that one prepares a residence to be sold.
It incorporates good space planning, maintenance and a d├ęcor scheme notably found in hotels.
The goal is too market the property to a wider demographic of buyers.
We present your property to sell for the best price, in the shortest time.

Benefits of a staged home (Our Decor team can either use your furnishings or supply you with home furnishings)
  • 1. Appeals to a wider target market
  • 2. Utiltises the natural features of the Property
  • 3. Costs less then negotiations between buyer and seller (Statistics show on average negotiations end between R100k & R50k)
DIY Home Staging tips
- Make sure the doorbell works
- Varnish and paint the Front and Garage doors, if necessary
- Fill any cracks in garden and external walls and retouch with paint
- Clean your rubbish bin and locate it where it wont catch the eye
- Remove clutter and tidy up everything
- The garden should be immaculate. Mow the lawn, weed the flower beds and trim bushes and trees
- Place colorful plants on the patio. If you have a braai area, tidy it up too
- Get rid of unpleasant pet or cigarette odours. This may involve washing or dry cleaning curtains, rugs, replacing carpets that trap the
   bad smells.

- Make sure every room is staged so that its purpose is clear. The should be no 'junk room' where you keep all your clutter.

- Space sells, so go for a minimalistic approach. Store things you dont need with family or friends temporarily.

- To appeal to the maximium number of buyers, depersonalise your space as much as possible. Family photos, Holiday momentos, plate
   collections and the like should be stored off-site.

- A master bedroom and en-suite should appeal to both sexes. So out with the pink frills and in with neutral colors.

- Few things put off potential buyers more than grimy bathrooms. Give everything from tiled walls to shower doors a good scrub. Ensure
   that no mould remains. Buy a new bathroom set and matching towels that you can use in your new home.